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Frasi che contengono la parola mounted

Corrective ophthalmic appliances may be contact lenses, spectacles lenses, low vision aids or ophthalmic prosthetics to those who are partially sighted. The appliances are mounted either on the eye as

Screenshot from NASA High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment videostream. The High-Definition Earth Viewing camera is mounted on the ISS. The picture shows clouds covering South Atlantic Ocean.

nodal point adapter which was mounted on a tripod. All photos were taken with the same exposure settings in RAW format and developed with exactly the same settings in a RAW converter. For stitching PTGUI

Second Question - the thing with Polish Eagle is: White Eagle was probably a family sign of Piast dynasty, and this way is assumed as coat of arms for Polish Kingdom. This coat of arms became polish symbol forever, these days too. Kings from another dynasties (Jagiellons, Vasa and electioned kings) used usualy quaterly CoA (Eagle for Polish Kingdom and Chaser, mounted knight, for Grand Duche Lithuania) with own dynastic CoA on escutcheon overall. Greater rank had not a personal CoA of the king, but kingdom coat of arms. So it's normal to use in Zygmunt Zapolya CoA as an Grandfather coat of arms, a white eagle, and not a Jagielons dynastic coat of arms.

. Dopo due giorni di intensi tiri d'artiglieria tra gli schieramenti avversari, i fucilieri sudafricani bianchi (Natal Mounted Rifles e King's African Rifles rinforzati da artiglierie sudafricane e indiane, reparti di mortaristi, anticarro, carri armati, autoblindo, apparecchi Hurricanes e ribelli arussi) travolsero le due linee di difesa italiane rappresentate principalmente dal XII

This fresco from a house in Herculaneum contains something strange: The small woman on the left appears to have no legs. On closer look, we notice that a lever appears to be mounted within the right arm of the figure, moving in a slit up and down. Possibly a kind of club is attached to this lever, beating against the box held by the figure. There is also a slot at the bottom of the figure, part of something that looks like a drawer extruding from the figure. To the bottom right of the figure there is a straight line, which may indicate that it is standing in or mounted on a niche. Given the proportions, the slot at the bottom, the missing legs, and the lever, it seems natural to assume that this is a

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